Prepping Your Pet


Keeping your pet updated on vaccinations is important to its health. Ensure before you leave your pet for an extended period of time that they are current on all vaccinations and licensing. Leave a copy of your pet's vaccination record with your boarder. The following provides a basic guideline for recommended vaccinations:

Dogs: Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Rabies (to include current state/county licensing), Bordatella/Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis, etc.

Cats: Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Rabies (to include current state/county licensing), Feline Leukemia

Microchip and Register Your Pet

If you PCS’ed here, your dog or cat has a microchip. If you adopted or purchased an animal here, please ensure that they are microchipped and registered before leaving your pet in a new home.. Microchips are an essential way for your pet to be identified in case it becomes lost. Update microchip contact information to the boarder that will be homing your pet, however it is recommended that the name registered on the microchip be kept in the pet owner's name, as a microchip can prove legal custody of an animal. Veterinarians, clinics and shelters offer microchipping for your pets.

Choose a Veterinarian and Schedule an Exam

Choose a veterinarian which is located within close proximity to your boarder's home. Before going on leave, schedule an annual checkup with your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is in good health and to attain a baseline record of the health and condition of your pet before leaving them in the care of another person. In case of accident, illness or death in your absence, having a baseline record of your pet's health before leaving can aid in any resulting legal case.

Pet Insurance

Accidents and illness against your pets while you are gone are always a possibility, and the resulting veterinarian bills can put you in a financial bind, especially while you're out of the country. Put your mind at ease by protecting your pet with pet insurance. Pet's Best is one insurance company who covers issues overseas and offers flexible and affordable plans to protect your pets while you're away.

Keep Your Pet's Health Record Available

Before you leave, it is imperative that your pet's health record is available to your boarder in case a veterinarian visit is required. Provide them a copy of your pet’s vaccination and medical record. If your pet is on medication, ensure that your PA Boarder is provided with a valid prescription for refills.

Protect Your Pets from Parasites

Keep your pet protected against fleas, ticks and heartworms by starting or maintaining your pet on a regular routine of parasite prevention. This will not only protect your pet, but also other pets that might live in your boarder’s household.

Reimbursing Your Boarder

Boarders are not allowed to require payment for boarding your pet in your absence. However, it is expected that owners remain financially responsible for their pets during boarding. This includes pet food, medication, toys, grooming, veterinarian care, etc. Determine before you leave how much you pay for your pet on a monthly basis and set up automatic payments to your boarder’s account. If the boarder agrees, you can also set up a reimbursement plan, reimbursing any purchases made on behalf of your pet, requiring they keep all receipts. If your pet causes any damages to their house or property (chewing, marking, potty accidents, etc), be prepared to help with costs of repair or replacement.

Have an Emergency Plan

There is no guarantee that you will find a boarder through our network. If you do, you may feel that your primary plan for your pet during your leave is fool- proof, however there is always the chance that something happens which causes your boarder to not be able to care for your pet. Ensure before you leave you have an emergency backup plan. If you had a boarder that was your second choice, ask them to be your backup plan in case your primary boarder can no longer care for your pet. Have copies made of all documents and leave them with your emergency contact or back up boarder.

Successfully Matched

When all arrangements have been made, it’s time to leave your pet with your boarder, and know that you've made the best possible arrangements for your pet's care during your absence. Don't forget to notify Paws Abroad that a successful match has been made via Lastly, we love reunion stories. When it’s your time to return home, let us know that you're returning home and share with us your reunion story.

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